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About The Course

Tired of watching others making great games while you slog through your day job? Want to become a part of the rapidly growing VR community in NYC?

This 8 Week VR Unity course, taught by Stuido Studios, will get you directly involved and working within VR. Besides learning the ins and outs of Unity and VR implementations, you’ll also gain access to a thriving community of local indie game developers.

When: Every Monday and Wednesday from 6:30pm to 9:00pmAugust 20th to October 17th.

Where: Jump Into The Light, 180 Orchard St

Students are required to bring a laptop with Unity installed.

Students will create 2 projects over the course of 8 weeks. The initial project will be taught within the first 4 weeks, giving you a strong foundation to focus on your final project of choice, which can range from a conceptual art piece to a full-fledged VR game.

Week 1: First Project

Recap of Unity/Coding + Inputs

Week 2: First Project

UI & UX design in VR, physics programming overview

Week 3: First Project

Game Design – Designing for One Simple Mechanic

Week 4: First Project

Locomotion Systems, custom controller inputs, & History of VR

Week 5: Final Project

Pitching, Iterative Design, & Basic Animations

Week 6: Final Project

VR Games Design vs Classical Flat-screen Game Design

Week 7: Final Project

Designing for Multiplayer & Emergent Social Interaction

Week 8: Final Project

Exporting to Platforms, Launching on Itch.io, & Presentations

Rob Canciello, Jose Zambrano, & John Corn

Stuido Studios is an independent game and VR studio located in New York City currently working on Virtual Reality games and interactive experiences.

Stuido Studios started with the partnership of Jose Zambrano and Robert Canciello in November 2015 (then known as “Eos Interactive”). They both reached out to John Corn, a seasoned game developer and mutual participant in the indie community. John was sold, and decided to join as co-founder and lead developer.

They recently released their first retail VR title, The Take, a local hotseat VR game where two players assume the role of competing spies in a Golden Age comic book, racing against the clock to hide and seek classified intel while setting (or avoiding) traps.

Why Not Just Learn VR Development Online?

  • Take advantage of peer coding and receive real time assistance from instructors/fellow students.
  • Collaborate with others and form teams for group projects.
  • Work on a focused final project that teaches you how to pitch your ideas, give/receive feedback, organize a team, manage a production pipeline, and showcase your game.
  • Receive post-class consultation by Stuido Studios.

Become A Part of the Growing Indie Developer Community

  • Form lasting relationships and connections with other designers and developers in NYC.
  • Show your game at Jump Into The Light and make a name for yourself.
  • Get invited to the Stuido Studios Alumni Discord and network with previous students and instructors.

Not into making games, just want to grow your portfolio?

  • We assure you that this course is the most effective way to learn the Unity-VR pipeline even if your goal is to use it for content other than games.
  • Since game production incorporates every essential aspect of the Engine, completing the first 2 projects will give you the tools you need to start working on your desired project.

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