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Virtual Reality Cinema and PlayLab

Jump Into the Light is America’s first Virtual Reality Cinema Experience and Playlab. Located in the heart of Manhattan’s trendy Bowery, VR Cinema goers can view 360 virtual reality films, play immersive vr games in Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and be 3D scanned into Virtual Reality for sharing on social media. Be among the first to experience this world changing revolution!

The future is now!

“You are on to something really cool. Bringing people together, opening minds and doors. Definitely the makings of something next level. Definitely the start of a new community…”

-Loren Kulesus, 9999 design studio

“Awesome! F*&^ing awesome! I’m telling everyone I know about it.”

-Jonathan Breshin

VeRy cool! Think of JITL as your introduction into the world of VR and a glimpse into a technology that has a ton of possibilities in entertainment and practical applications.

-Vinny Grande

Wow! That was so sick! Love the VR short films and trying out the HTC vive and Oculus. Esp since Im not buying one anytime soon Ill just keep coming to JITL to play with them. Getting a 3d scanned avatar was the icing on the tasty virtual cake.

-Tarik Mohammed, Captivison 360


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